We are so excited to be featured in the recent issue of Inside Weddings for this incredible wedding at The Pierre.  Starlight Orchestras was the featured ceremony & reception entertainment for Michelle and Michael’s New York wedding, photographed by Roey Yoha, and we had such a blast!

Michelle and Michael came to us knowing they wanted something that had never been done before. Their wedding planner, Leslie Mastin,  knew that Starlight’s specialty is custom crafting an evening of music and entertainment unlike any other. Here is a bit of the Kutsak’s planning story to give you a taste of Starlight’s ability to customize any event:

We sat with them and talked for hours about their story and who they were, about what inspired them, and who their family and friends were. And, most importantly, what moods they wanted to create throughout the wedding.  The couple had a distinct vision.  They wanted to mix their Russian heritage with some very contemporary American culture, as well as incorporate flavors of European house and club music – a fascinating challenge for Starlight. For this event, my team consisted of a musical director, an arranger, our ceremony director, a choreographer, a DJ/record producer, a stylist and a creative director.  Together we brainstormed and later presented some interesting options to our clients and their event planner, including elements that would incorporate the personal touches they were looking for.

During the design process, Michelle share her long-time fantasy of reenacting the last scene from the movie “Dirty Dancing,” but ultimately decided against it, in favor of some other customized moments.  A few weeks before the wedding, Michael called us and said that he wanted to surprise his bride with this special dance number, and Starlight set out to make it happen! We hired the additional dancers, created costumes, and duplicated the choreography from the scene in the movie, putting Michael in Patrick Swayze’s place.  At the reception, what started as a toast to his bride turned into a flash mob doing that special Dirty Dancing scene. As Michael jumped off of the stage and danced over to his new wife, joined by 10 professional dancers in stunning choreography, Michelle was completely blown away.  I must admit that I was rather blown away as well.  Starlight has done some incredible things for clients in the past, but this remains a highlight on our list of spectacular moments.

The music for their wedding ceremony was highly customized, with much care given to pairing the meaning of each song with the guests who were marching.  Michelle and Michael wanted the music to be modern but the instruments to be traditional; thus we performed a repertoire of Train, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz and even David Guetta using violins, cello, oboe, clarinet and harp.  The recessional was completely spectacular as we used custom prepared audio tracks through a surround sound system, and a wonderful male vocalist stepped out from behind the curtain, singing an Usher song to the bride and groom directly. The song started slowly and beautifully, and then gained energy and momentum, and the singer and a few musicians led the bridal party back down the aisle in bliss and rapture.

This set the stage for a spectacular evening that flowed from room to room, mood to mood, with music to underscore every nuance of their lives.  They asked for a performance that was completely original, and that is exactly what they got.  It was an amazing experience for all of us, and we were honored to be a part of it. And we thank Leslie Mastin for connecting Starlight with our perfect clients!