It has now been a year since Preston and Theo’s stellar wedding and we are thrilled to share how we used music to highlight, underscore and create so many special moments for the couple’s special day. There were tons of preparations and details that made the evening absolutely spectacular, and I am so proud to have been a part of their 2013 Valentine’s Day wedding!

Our first challenge was finding the perfect musical selections to capture the essence of each person, as well as express the intention of each moment.  Secondly, we had to orchestrate the music with the timing; there were lighting cues, curtain drops and theatrical elements to coordinate throughout the entire ceremony.  Our last challenge was designing the sound system, as we wanted to fuse the different ensembles and tie together each musical element. Our goal was to create a fluid tapestry of music that followed the guests and led them throughout the various spaces being used.

After weeks of creative meetings, production walk-through’s, musical arranging sessions, and a final dress rehearsal and sound check with Preston and Theo, we were ready to “go live” on Valentine’s Day 2013.  “It was important to us to create very strong memorable moments that mean something,” said Bailey, and Starlight Orchestras made sure to give the couple just that through their musical performances.

Happy 1 year anniversary to Preston and Theo!

Preston Theo Wedding