Things keep getting better. I believe that.  Especially when I get on stage with Team Starlight.  I was inspired to repost an  article written several years ago. It was true then but it is even more true now. Since it is always hard to find way to present and express what Starlight is about, these words do a good job of painting the picture…

” It was another amazing event, another night where I look around and see people joyful, smiling, dancing, celebrating, being exuberant, loving life, letting loose, going wild! And next to me I see the world’s best performers and musicians with the most astounding charisma, passion, talent; the energy rising in swirls, tangible and enlightening, enlivening.   The thing that is so hard to describe, to get across to people, is that there is TRULY NOTHING LIKE THIS PRODUCT IN THE WHOLE  WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT!   Where can you find a performance so exciting, so polished and sharp and yet still organic and flexible, THAT IS COMPLETELY GEARED FOR PRIVATE EVENTS?  Talent of this magnitude is usually reserved for touring headline acts; Rod Stewart or Diana Krall doing cool jazz standards with a stage full of trumpets, trombones and saxes; Black Eyed Peas with their different characters presenting their “positive hip-hop” dance hits; Lady Gaga or Madonna whose shows include awesome backup singers/dancers; Bon Jovi rocking out their old and new, Beyonce, Jay-Zee, Alicia Keys, whose shows feature the best of their material with strong backline support and many guest surprises; and the always favorite Earth, Wind and Fire who energize the stage and dazzle crowds with their heartfelt song and expressive dance. You can find those acts on arena stages throughout the world, but what you can’t find anywhere is an ensemble that delivers all of that music AND MORE, performed in a similar style with the same kind of STAR POWER, but that will customize the repertoire for each and every event; can down-play, up-play, down-size, can segueway seamlessly like the best DJ, gliding between genres in a unprecedented way; reading the crowd and switching gears, intuitively designing the play-list IN MOTION to deliver the material that is perfect for this audience, this night, in this moment. No filler songs, no monologues, just song after song, energy building and mounting, all within the parameters of music for a private party.  Not a show, not a concert, just  truly the World’s Best Party Band, The Starlight Experience. Once you have seen this live, it all makes sense.  But words cannot describe it, videos will not capture it, testimonials do not do it justice. The comments might make it sound like it is “too much,” or “over the top,” or “a show not a band…” but people who have actually experienced this product NEVER say that!  It is just the Best of the Best, time and time again.

I am gratified when we are in different cities and we work with various producers, event planners, booking agents, and people always say, “There is really nothing like this product anywhere!” It is so true, and I am excited for even more people to know this; Starlight has created an entertainment concept that is unparalleled and unrivaled, bridging the worlds of Live Music for Private Events and Headline Entertainment. It is for those discerning clients that want to present something astounding, within the parameters of what is sensible and appropriate for a private event.

“Hi Starlight! There are no words to explain the night – NO WORDS – because I listened to Valerie’s suggestions, the music (other than the bride and groom), was talked about the most! You will absolutely be getting calls, but what they won’t realize is that all the extras made it more  than “just a band” and therefore, over the top, in the best way!!  Clintons will never know what they missed – Greenbergs will never forget what they had!! Thank u so much!

With Love,

Lorie Greenberg”