I am so excited to be a part of my dear friend Preston Bailey’s wedding this week.  We have been working together on incredibly fabulous weddings and events for almost 20 years, and the time has come for Preston and Theo to tie the knot themselves.  They have planned the most incredible evening, with many surprises that will be shared after the wedding on Valentine’s Day. I cannot share any details yet, except to say the wedding will take place at the stroke of midnight on February 14th (how utterly romantic!) at the Empire state Building (how utterly fantastic!)

In customizing music to underscore a wedding ceremony, we always consider many personal details about our couple; their history as individuals and who they are together. With Preston being an artist and event designer, and Theo being a world renown vocalist and performance artist, the stakes were higher and the challenge greater to choose music for creating monumental moments.

We are having the pleasure of collaborating with some of Theo’s incredibly talented friends who are composing, arranging, performing and singing special numbers throughout.

I am also excited to work with Joan Rivers, and to be interviewed for the various television shows that will be covering the wedding.

One of the reasons I love my business so much is because we use music to make people’s dreams come true.

My favorite part of all this has been spending lots of creative time with Preston, and also getting to know his darling Theo. My heart is soaring as we are just days away from making their dreams come true. How super special when we get to do this for such dear friends!