“Knock Knock”

“Who’s there?”


“Orange who?”

“Orange you glad you went to Engage!12?”


Yes I am! What an amazing time I had at the Breakers this week. For me, Engage! is always a whirlwind of activities, ideas, outfits, introductions, inspiration, and PARTIES!

There is learning, sharing, connecting, dancing,  dining, and a lot of loving.  Really, I find Engage! to be one big love-fest. The joy begins with Rebecca and Kathryn’s warm approach to the planning of this unique event. The branding materials that they create with their partners  really do touch your heart and set the stage for a buoyant, uplifting experience.

I have gleaned priceless information about our industry and how to further develop my own business. I have solidified connections with colleagues I knew from afar.  I have experienced many different people through their candid and heartfelt speeches. And I have had the joy of making wonderful new friends.

Part of what makes Engage! so special is the spirit in which everyone arrives. It is clear that we all come to seek and to share. People are open. People are smiling. People are happy.

This Engage! was especially fun for me, as there were so many people from our New York City wedding community. We work together so often and see each other mostly in the throes of our events.  It was fun to play and party with everyone (Ed, Marcy, David, Sylvia, Harriette,  Leslie, Arthur, Andy, Brian, Peter, Emily, Sean, Janet, Bob.)

A special thanks to Joan, Kym and Jeff for the breathtaking hospitality.  It was all amazing, and the LOVE FILLED room for the gala dinner was beyond-the-beyond. It was truly a privilege to be on the receiving end of such graciousness.  (I am usually performing while at the Breakers, and often don’t see these details.)

Highlights of the event for me were:

*Hearing Ed Libby speak about our  magnificent collaboration on a wedding this past October.

*Choice words of advice from Peter Callahan .

*Meeting Walt Shepard and Art Scangas and learning that they will be featuring several of our events in Inside Weddings.

*All the orange!

*Learning that I have my first gig with Todd Fiscus this April in Oklahoma!

*Something special for which I will always be grateful to Arthur Backal.

*Being there to help Leslie Mastin kick off her new endeavor.

*Sitting next to Bryan Rafanelli at dinner and getting to talk his ear off.

*Spending time with my “Engage! BFF” Amy Zaroff. (We started coming to Engage! at the same time and have done many wonderful events together since then. Rock on, sister!)

*Learning that Simon T. Bailey and I are kindred spirits.  I do agree that we create our own reality from a spiritual perspective, and it was great to hear him talk about it.

*The delicious hug I got from Heather and Nathan’s little boy!

*Hearing over and over that I should be charging rightly for the unique service I provide.

*Finding that Marcy Blum and I had hours to chat and visit while at the airport going home.

*Lastly, being a part of the wonderful Engage! community and engaging with everyone who was there.  Thanks to you all!

With Love,


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