Happy Fall, everyone! I am filled with great excitement and exuberance for this season’s events; both  at home in New York as well as around the country.  I believe that parties are good for the soul, whether we are gathering to raise money for important causes or we are joining in celebration of our happiest times. Parties make us feel good, bring us together, and create a context for us to experience our jubilant nature. And how much fun is it to let loose on the dance floor, especially with an amazing live band pumping out the music? At Starlight, we consider it our job to create the most perfect environment for each crowd on each given night. That means being ready, willing and able;  ready to deliver the music that will motivate, willing to read the cues of the crowd, and ABLE to present the most dazzling, powerful, entertaining and satisfying live music experience anywhere on earth!

Every event is different, and we challenge ourselves to bring something unique and fresh every performance.  From galas honoring Central Park in New York City to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts in Texas, we are honored to bring some Starlight magic to our clients’ special events. I am about to pack up my guitars and head into the city where Starlight will be performing for about a dozen events in the next week. Updates and photos to come!

Here We Go!