I met with a bride last night who asked me what type of client I most enjoy working with. I thought it was such an interesting question. I didn’t skip a beat before answering that I appreciate clients who prioritize the role of music at their wedding and want something truly spectacular.  Starlight can deliver “spectacular”  and whatever that means for each individual person. For some clients “spectacular” means  elegant, romantic, sophisticated yet UNDERSTATED.  Starlight can do that. To another client, “spectacular” means that that the evening was high energy for start to finish.  We do that too. And to someone else, “spectacular” means that we were able to continually “read” their crowd and know how to modulate the music and energy accordingly, making for a dynamic evening. That is one of Starlight’s specialties.

Starlight does many different styles of presentation; we take the time to get to know our clients, listen to their ideas,  and translate them into the many musical elements that comprise an event. THE PROCESS then becomes as much a a part of the experience as the party. The personal touches make each party so unique, in addition to the ever-growing ideas and concepts that Starlight incorporates.

Dear Reader, What do you think makes a spectacular event? I’d like to know.