Some folks really know how to celebrate! When Elissa and David got married one year ago at the Plaza Hotel, it was truly “my” kind of wedding.  By that I mean clients who are looking to maximize the joy in every moment, to infuse meaning into every segment of the night, and to use music to modulate the energy throughout. I wrote about my experience of their wedding in a blog post called “Elissa and David Are Married.” Now, one year later, David had an amazing idea  to celebrate their first anniversary. He called me a few weeks ago and asked if I could arrange to have a few of the musicians from the wedding come play for a private surprise dinner for two he arranged in the ballroom of the Plaza Hotel.  Everything was a re-creation from their wedding night, from the table decor, floral centerpiece, menu, lighting, even the music for their first dance and wedding ceremony. How utterly romantic! We were delighted to be part of another happy event for this family. Speaking of which, David’s sister is getting married this weekend, and I have the pleasure of  performing for another unique and surprise filled wedding!


Date: June 12, 2012 11:55:51 AM EDT

To: Valerie Romanoff <>

From: David

Subject: WOW

As always you and your team made another one of our nights that much more amazing. I can’t thank you enough for always being there for us. It means a lot. Claudia and her other musician were UNBELIEVABLE. They were SO SO good and really made the night.

Elissa was on cloud nine and asked me to keep pinching her. The night was magical. I really can’t thank you enough and look forward to another Starlight Wow!!
This weekend.


Read what Emily Reifel (of  CPS Events at the Plaza) had to say about this special evening: A TABLE FOR TWO…