This was certainly the season for customized performances! Part of what makes Starlight so special is our ability to create and produce highly specialized musical presentations. Our client was throwing himself a 65th birthday party, and what he wanted more than anything was a Motown Revue; and to have a group like he remembered the Temptations to be, back when he produced hit records in the 70’s. Once again I accepted a pretty big challenge, and called my team together. It took a musical arranger, a wardrobe designer, a stylist, a choreographer, a vocal arranger, a musical director, an event coordinator, an audio engineer PLUS all the singers, dancers and musicians that make Starlight what it is. The result? An absolutely amazing party, an ecstatic client, and a proud Starlight family!  Stay tuned for an upcoming film that highlights how we put it all together. Meanwhile, a few photos…

Here is a letter from a guest at the party who I have known for many years…

April 24, 2012
Dear Valerie,
I wanted to take this time to let you know how absolutely fabulous Starlight Orchestra, led by you, were at John’s 65th birthday party this past Saturday evening. The music selection, the sound, the energy and enthusiasm were sheer perfection.
The experience was like being in the first 5 rows of the best Motown concert I was ever at.  I knew every word to every song and it brought me back to the great years of growing up with the memorable music of the 70’s. You engaged the crowd so that they sang along and danced along with every tune.  You and your band and singers created an incredible celebratory atmosphere.
Just want you to know what an amazing feeling it was to be there, to celebrate with John and to hear your astonishing “sound machine.”  Kudos to you Valerie   !!!

Best, Judi

And from the birthday boy himself…

Sent: Monday, April 23, 2012 6:52 PMTo: Valerie RomanoffSubject: Hard to put into words
Valerie, I have spent the last two days answering emails and phone calls from everyone that was there Saturday night… I can’t thank you enough for making my vision from 6 months ago a reality. I think you got it from the beginning and with details like wardrobe, choreography and the precise mixture of instruments and singers; it made it almost perfectly authentic. That truly was what I was after all along and it absolutely happened. Everyone in that band was just great. I am really going to miss the last two or three weeks we went back and forth on how to make it happen. There is not one person who has not said that was absolutely the best of all music they have heard at any venue at any time. Like a concert…not a party. I guess we have the documentary to look forward to. I don’t ever want to try to do what we did again as it was truly a once in a lifetime event. Not since I was behind the glass making records over 35 years ago and had a Top 30 record did I take so much pride in the outcome of this event. The music has been the fiber that has been in my blood lifeline for 55 years and it really came alive on Saturday night.
Please thank each and every one that had a role in making everything come to life.  I don’t think I could have possibly asked for anything more than what you gave. You are a gem and I really love you!!! .
Much love, John

Another happy sigh, another job well done, and another Custom Ensemble to add to the Starlight roster!