Each season we have the privilege of performing at some of the most special Charity Balls and Gala Events.  I want to congratulate all of the Starlight bandleaders for leading their groups at such important and meaningful events.  In recent weeks we performed at the Plaza Hotel for the ASPCA Bergh Ball, at Chelsea Pier for the F.A.B.B. Ball, at the John Jay Homestead for the annual Carriage Ball, at the Fort Worth Convention Center for the Van Cliburn 50th Anniversary Gala. Next week we are in Greenwich for the Bruce Museum Gala, and at the Hotel Pierre for the Alzheimer’s Forget-Me-Not Gala.

Participating in the fundraising efforts of our society is gratifying and exciting. We deeply appreciate the honor in being chosen to entertain, and we look forward to all of these events.

Dear Reader,

What are your favorite charities?