Today I was inspired by an article that Preston Bailey posted on his blog called  “What Does It Mean To Be Creative,”  In his writing, he answered questions about his creative process. I love that Preston always ends his essays by inviting the readers to share their own thoughts. I was moved to share some of my own experience with creativity.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time talking with people about what goes into creating the customized music for their very special events.

  1. My creative process is very much inspired by my clients. I learn so much by hearing their vision, their story, even their fantasies. The history of their relationship, the way they celebrate with friends, and even their family dynamics can be translated and expressed through music. Part of my work is to create a series of moods and tones that underscore and inspire an entire event, and the ideas for exactly how to do this usually evolve over a long period of time. When clients first come into my office for a “listening party,” I tell them that the music for every event is custom crafted, from the sacred and romantic sounds of the marriage ceremony to the blowout celebration on the dance-floor.
  2. We work together over the next months to plan a meaningful and exciting musical complement to the evening; from sharing lists of songs, organizing the timeline, orchestrating the ceremonial moments, and planning how we will guide the guests through the different segments of the evening. The Starlight team of producers is an integral part of this process, as we brainstorm, study, research and consistently develop new ideas.
  3. All of this information needs to settle and “marinate,” to create room for additional ideas to surface. I like to find some quiet time to be in nature, walk through wooded trails, go paddle-boarding on a nearby lake, or find any other peaceful place for inspiration.
  4. Now comes the big day, and although we have prepared extensively, we always save room for the magic that happens in the heat of the moment. My job is interesting in that I need to follow the program, yet still have the flexibility (and ability!) to change and flow as the evening progresses. The most exciting part of my creative process is tapping into the energy of the guests at the party! Every event is different, and every group of people coming together creates a unique feeling. By sensing the pulse and reading the crowd, I get inspired as to what music to play, which spontaneously creates each “next moment.” An incredible magic happens which is unique, unscripted and totally alive. We are actually creating something new and unprecedented while the event is in motion. Such a thrill!