This week I came back to Sedona to participate in the Sedona International Film Festival. Last year one of my original songs, Rachel’s Knoll, was chosen to be in a feature film called (coincidentally) Sedona Movie.  It was very exciting.

This year, as a member of the Sedona Performing Artists Guild,  I was invited to perform my original music as a warm-up act to one of the featured films. SIFF is a big event in this town, and you can feel its presence in all the restaurants, hotels, even on the hiking trails. This was a big deal for me as it is the first time I have ever taken the stage alone, without a sizeable band. I was able to recreate sounds from my recordings using backing tracks along with my guitar, and I traveled with my own small mixing console to be sure to get the right effects and levels. I am pleased to report that the show was so much fun and very well received. Several of my songs are inspired by people who were actually sitting in the audience, and it was a thrill to dedicate the songs to them.  The icing on the cake was after the show, and for several nights, I performed at Dahl and DiLuca (the best restaurant in town, owned by my dear friend Lisa Dahl.) Lisa’s restaurants are known for their ambience (in addition to the fine food!) and music has always played a large role. I sat in with some of the finest jazz musicians anywhere, and I even had the pleasure to sing with Lisa!

The film festival will go on for another 4 days, but I have to fly back to New York in the morning. This weekend the Starlight Orchestra has a fabulous wedding to play, and then next week the Starlight Experience will perform for a charity gala in Fort Worth, Texas. All of these different gigs make life exciting and full of surprise!