Valerie Romanoff- Starlight Experience



I am ending the last year with extreme gratitude, and starting this new one with incredible excitement!

I am so grateful for the amazing performers, musicians, singers, rappers, dancers, DJs who come together creating performances that burst with emotion, and inspire energy and celebration.

I am so grateful to my Starlight team, the folks behind the scenes who create the blueprint for the art we perform…our producers, arrangers, stylists, choreographers, artists, composers, audio engineers and programmers.

I am grateful to my industry friends and colleagues for their ongoing collaboration over the years; the designers, florists, event planners, caterers, photographers and cinematographers.

I am humbled and especially grateful to all of our clients, who have the vision and trust that Starlight can produce and deliver something extraordinary, and represent their style and taste. I am thankful for your unwavering confidence. To the event producers throughout the country who have brought Starlight  to their most prestigious events, I can say that I am proud and honored to be on your team.

AND I am so jazzed for the new ideas that have been taking shape and will be flowing through our company as the new year progresses. Life is full of thrilling possibilities, and the unfolding journey is a joy unto itself.

Here’s to a wonderful, creative, expansive, joyful and abundant year ahead!

Thank you,


photo by Eliesa Johnson of Photogen of an event in Minneapolis with event planner Amy Zaroff of Amy Zaroff Events