People often ask what is Starlight’s specialty. My reply is that flexibility, versatility and reliability are the most important qualities.  Our Starlight Orchestras have a broad range of presentation and each of our clients wants something different on the style spectrum. We are asked to be simple and elegant, and we are also asked to be dazzling and fiery. We can do either one. We are asked to be sophisticated and demure, and we are asked to be wild and crazy. We can do both. We are asked to wear conservative outfits, and we are asked to design some thing clubby-chic. Our look changes with either. We can provide a program of society and Sinatra, or we can perform a party with all tunes by Pitbull, Rhianna, and Beyonce. We are all of the above, and anything else we can conceive of. None of this defines us, we are not limited to the style of what we did for any one past event. With ensembles of varying sizes (from 3 pieces to 20), there are endless options and possibilities.

Like all great actors, we can slip into whatever role is needed. We are ever-changing, ever-evolving, always customizing, and our goal is to delight many different types of people all at the same time. A tall order. But we love  it and we excel at it. There is no greater thrill than sharing the magic of the party!