In addition to our popular and well known bands, Starlight would love to introduce you to some of our speciality groups and smaller ensembles for small events and holiday parties. We have different varieties of jazzy bands incorporating xylophones, vibraphones, jazz harp & oboe, and other instruments you just don’t see everyday. We love to play world-fusion music with sitar and string quartet, or African harp (kora) with acoustic guitar and kalimba. Our Starlit DJ” spins a variety of Buddha Bar-esque mixes and dance favorites. Our Brazilian trio is suave & romantic featuring a repertoire of bossa novas and sambas. People have been loving our unplugged rock duo “Our Side Of The Moon” featuring classic rock, acoustic style. If you like THE BLUES, we have an organ and harmonica DUO with vocals. Plus many other types of trios & quartets. We are excited to share our music with you, and to be a part of your happy celebrations! Call us at 212.595.0999!