One of our wonderful singers/dancers Robert Taylor Jr. made it to one of the final rounds of So You Think You Can Dance. He mesmerized audiences with both his talent, skill and his personality. I was so very sad ( as well as shocked) when I saw the judges let him go last week. Here is the letter I wrote to him straightaway.

Dear Robert,

I want you to know that I thought you were absolutely amazing on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!! I could NOT believe they let you go. While everyone was so talented, I thought your light was the brightest, you consistently brought your all and were very very impressive. Your Starlight family is so very proud of you !  I hope you weren’t too disappointed, and I am happy for the great honor you received by going so far. Personally, I thought you should have been THE ONE.  Thank you also for mentioning Starlight in your interviews.  Can’t wait to rock onstage with you again soon.