The recent legalization of same-sex marriage in the state of New York (yay!) has prompted much lively conversation about how this might impact the wedding industry. How will vendors market to the LGBT community, and just what exactly does it mean to have or plan a gay wedding?  Are gay clients looking for gay vendors, or is “gay-friendly”enough? What makes any wedding professional a good choice for a gay couple? The most important question, I think, is how might an enGAYged coupled choose their vendors?

After giving this much thought (and having a long conversation with friend and wedding photographer Sharon Schuster about it) I conclude that the most important factor in choosing any wedding professional is this:

Whether the vendor is gay, straight or anything in between, they and their staff must be very comfortable in and around the intimacy between same sex partners. Weddings are about joining together in sacred union. The love is flowing, and everyone (INCLUDING those of us who are working!) are affected and moved by the energy of romance. An atmosphere of celebration, love and acceptance is part what makes wedding so magical.

How do you choose which professionals are to be a part of your celebrations? Please comment below…