Weekends in June are packed full of weddings both in New York City and exotic places afar. This coming weekend my various Starlight Orchestras will be providing music for weddings at the Plaza Hotel, the Hotel Pierre, the Museum of Natural History, Tribeca Rooftop and Lyford Cay Club in the Bahamas. Today is a rare day in between the Charity Ball Galas from last week and the upcoming weddings where I will be performing tomorrow and Sunday.

I wanted to journal about how I am spending this day, this precious Friday, not exactly a day-off, but a day spent at home in preparation for what’s ahead.

Morning coffee in bed, then conference call on my cell phone by the pool, followed by a visit from a favorite massage therapist who specializes in deep tissue work. Don’t know if I loved it or hated it, but I sure feel good now that it is over.

Starlight Biz– On my agenda is 1) phone-call with an event planner for a wedding we are doing in Iowa next week. The subject is the additional hour and a half of overtime the client wants to add to the party.  2) Phone call with a music producer on the West Coast who has a NY client planning a retirement party in December and wants to learn about the Starlight bands.  3) Organizing and emailing files and documents for this weekend’s events onto my Ipad. This includes timelines, contact lists, production schedules, song lists and sheet music etc.

Event Prep– Today I am practicing the guitar parts to “Sweet Child of Mine,” and brushing up on the special song requests “When You Say nothing At All,” and “Do I Make You Proud.”  Saturday’s bride just asked for “The Edge of Glory” (Lady Gaga) and Sunday’s bride just asked for “Rolling in The Deep,” so I am making some last minute additions to the repertoire.

Valrock Music and Vitamin V Since I have literally just completed the tracks for my new meditation and relaxation album with collaborator Tao Porchon-Lynch, I am spending a bit of time today approving the artwork for the CD cover, and sending samples to the Strala Yoga in preparation for Tao’s workshop tomorrow.

On a Personal Note– A few times a year I bake carrot-cake muffins and bring them to my gigs. Not only do our musicians love them, but my friends who are photographers, videographers, sound & lighting designers, caterers and florists all partake and enjoy.  I got an email from someone who is working the wedding tomorrow, suggesting that if I bring carrot-cake muffins, I might get an extra platform for my stage. LOL!!! I am running out now to buy carrots and cream cheese!