25 Fun & Fabulous Wedding Ideas

Get guests laughing, dancing and having a ball all night long with these delightful wedding reception ideas.

Rachel Griffiths

Musical Notes

17. Don’t be afraid to mix up the music, says Valerie Romanoff, of Starlight Orchestras, in New York City, which provided the music for the wedding of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. Try a different musical feeling for every stage of the night: Consider strolling violinists playing lighthearted classical pieces as guests arrive at the reception venue, then Brazilian samba for the cocktail hour, followed by a swing band in the ballroom for dinner and dancing.

18. Create a vibrant, on-vacation vibe with music from the Caribbean —think a steel drum, reggae or calypso band.

19. The secret to getting everyone up and on the dance floor is to target the older crowd with the first song of the set, says Romanoff. “Play something from the 1940s that your grandparents will like, then segue into a little Motown or disco, which will appeal to folks your parents’ age,” she says. “As long as you don’t go to hip-hop too quickly, you’ll get all your guests on their feet and keep them there.”  Read more…