The Art of Energy Flow

Since I am a musician and run a music company, people assume that my contribution to the success of an event is providing exceptional music. While this is true, my area of expertise goes beyond that, and can be described as “the Art of Energy Flow.”

Events are created in stages, with most of the details and elements planned way in advance. By the time guests arrive, much of the work has been completed in preparation for those “wow” moments; rooms have been designed and transformed, menus are set, candles lit, and “the experience begins.”

How do we continue to create those moments throughout an entire evening? This is where knowing the art of energy flow is important. The way guests experience a party and how things move from one moment to the next are guided by energy flow, and are most often influenced by the musical choices, regardless of whether the music is being played by a DJ, a string trio or a 12 piece party band. Guests will go through a spectrum of moods, scenarios and segments throughout the evening.

How will people feel, how do we want them to feel, and what can we do to affect how they feel, are questions we consider.

As we all know, music is a key component in stimulating emotions and creating energy. The way that we use and infuse music in our daily lives (I call it “Vitamin V”) is similar to how I use music for events.  While key songs may be determined in advance, much of the music played throughout an event is chosen spontaneously, intuitively, in the moment by “reading the crowd” and immediately determining what will elicit the desired response. We might use romantic music to underscore a sentimental moment, elegant music to accompany dining, and upbeat music to inspire celebration and dancing. By using a variety of tools, we gradually increase the energy and we intensify the enjoyment as the evening progresses.

There is no set formula, but an understanding of what inspires and motivates people is essential. Thus, our approach to each event is unique, the choices we make reflect our perceptions, and no two parties are ever exactly the same.

Every musical choice made by the music-provider has an impact on the moment, and on everyone in the room. A good “call” can pack a dance floor.  A not-so-good “call” can clear that same dance floor in less than 20 seconds!

Being a good musician or bandleader is not enough. Having a great band is not enough. But being well versed in “the art of energy flow” is what makes the magic keep happening.