We are packing our bags for another trip! Starlight takes great pride in continuing to be chosen to perform at the nation’s most illustrious events.  Our clients go to great lengths in getting our whole entourage “up, up and away”- and we are so gratified that they recognize the level of entertainment Starlight always brings. While our roster of “Starlight Orchestras” may travel with personnel starting at 10 pieces; the “Starlight Experience” comes with a full complement of singers, horns, rhythm instruments and specialty performers, and is minimally 16 pieces.  A performance extravaganza that delivers a vast cross-section of popular music, the performance is geared toward encouraging dancing  while offering top notch entertainment.
This week’s trip is to San Antonio, Texas to participate in FIESTA, an 11-day annual festival each April coordinated by the Fiesta San Antonio Commission. With more than 100 Fiesta events produced  by local nonprofit groups, the events generate funding for scholarships, grants and arts and music groups, and has evolved today into one of this nation’s premier festivals. Fiesta began in April 1891 when San Antonio women staged a Battle of Flowers in front of the Alamo to commemorate the battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto.
Starlight will be taking the stage in a custom tent at the San Antonio Museum of Art, and opening for a national recording act, to be named later.
For this event, we have prepared a repertoire of fun party favorites with an emphasis on positive messages. We believe that music has the power to affect and transform, and we plan to pack a punch of POWerful, happy vibes!