Don't forget the goggles when making the horse radish!!

Don't forget the goggles when making the horse radish!!

Every year at Passover someone asks me to re-post my Grandmother’s recipe for homemade horse radish.  After making a fresh batch yesterday,  I was so excited  that I brought several jars to my upcoming wedding clients who came into my office for their “music planning” meeting.

I also put a jar of it in dry ice and sent it to another client in Houston, so she can have a touch of  NY at her family’s Seder.


Here goes, and don’t forget the swimming goggles!


You will need:
2 pieces horse radish root (length of carrots), white vinegar, 2 cans drained sliced beets,  1 pair  swimming goggles (for real!).

Peel the horse radish root and cut into chunks. Put into a food processor and grind until teeny small pieces. Add vinegar, a little at a time until the mixture is moist, about 1/2 cup, more if needed. Start with one can of the beets and add until you have a rich, red, color. Every time you take the lid off the food processor to check the consistency, I recommend wearing the goggles. The fumes are so strong and can burn your eyes and throat! Like wasabi!

There is nothing like this freshly made horse radish. My family uses it on matzoballs, on gefilte fish, on pot roast, on matzo with cream cheese, on eggs, on everything until it runs out!!!

I also want to mention that my recipe is included in June Feiss Hersh’s amazing cookbook,  Recipes Remembered, a Celebration of Survival. The book is full of recipes and stories, and all proceeds go toward the Museum of Jewish Heritage. June is a very special client;Starlight performed for her first daughter’s wedding a few years ago at the NY Public Library. We are looking forward to her 2nd daughter’s wedding at the American Museum of Natural History  this spring!

Happy cookin’ and happy holiday!