After performing at this year’s Superbowl, I was so excited that I thought I would rush right home and write, post and blog about the experience. It turns out that we had a busy winter with lots of events and projects, and it isn’t until now that I can catch my breath and share a few of the details.
Starlight has performed for the Dallas Cowboys and Gerry Jones for many celebrations.This year the Cowboys hosted Superbowl XLV at their stadium, in their town, and Gerry Jones asked that the “Starlight Experience” perform for the “Owner’s Party,” which kicked off the Superbowl weekend.
And what a snowy time it was! Between delayed and canceled flights, icy conditions, roads closed due to extreme snow, we barely made it into town. But we arrived, and the Dallas Cowboys’ tour bus was at the airport to pick us up.  That in itself is always part of the adventure! On show day, the bus picked us up at our hotel and brought us to the stadium parking lot. There we had to trudge with our gear a short distance through the snow to a tent where we went through the strictest security checkpoint I have ever seen!  The stadium parking lot was like a tundra, and after clearing security, we boarded another bus that drove us the 1/4 mile into the  stadium itself!
Once inside we were awed by the stature of the stadium, the spanking clean interior, and the majesty of the fully-lit-but-totally-empty football field. Wow! Jumbotron and all! Quite a sight.
After walking a little further, we found the stage, and met Jamie Foxx as he performed his sound check.  Our turn would be next.
What a night, with 1500 guests circulating throughout the stadium and enjoying the music.  We opened for Jamie Foxx, and after that Jennifer Hudson took the stage.  Starlight finished the night with a mix of contemporary and old school party favs. It was quite an amazing evening! When we left the stadium hours later, we found that it had been snowing all night, and it continued until we got on the plane the next morning. Thanks, as alwasy, to the Jones family and to the Dallas Cowboys  for choosing us to provide the entertainment for such amazing events. And tons of thanks to my band members for putting on such a great performance, and to my inner team for doing such a great job of getting us there.

Valerie Romanoff and the Gang!

Jamie Foxx and the Starlight Experience at Soundcheck, Superbowl XLV

Valerie and Chili C

Valerie Romanoff and Jennifer Hudson Backstage Shots Superbowl

Valerie Romanoff and the Field at Cowboys Stadium for Superbowl XLV

The Starlight Orchestra on the Dallas Cowboys Tour Bus!