I go to Sedona every few months to recharge and rejuve; to bring forth new ideas and to set the energy in motion to manifest to my dreams. Each trip winds up having its own theme and its own set of “expansive events” and I take advantage of the wonderful healing-arts practioners that that the  community has to offer.

I traveled to Sedona last week after having performed in Dallas for Superbowl XLVI, and was ready to bask in glow of the red rocks, restock my Healing Music CD to the local spas and stores, and get tickets to next week’s Sedona Film Festival where one of my original songs will be featured in a movie (more on that later). The first day I had an incredible massage at the Mii Amo Spa (part of the Enchantment Resort) and then dinner with friends. The second morning I went to “Breakfast with Hafiz,” a morning meditation with Sufi poetry and sound healing instruments.  It was an incredible gathering of people from around the world, and was hosted by Annette Kearl, renowned music therapist and Gabrielle Young, visionary artist and mystic.  The morning kicked off a most illuminating week of spirited encounters and magical happenings, and continued to  inspire my personal journey.

Valentine’s Day was on my mind as I floated through my time in Sedona. Making sure I would be coming home in time for the “love holiday” I wanted to bring something special to share with my loved ones. I found my answer when I ran into Gabrielle later that day walking through the aisles of the local health food store, New Frontiers. Her cart was chocked full of organic, live ingredients to make raw chocolate.  Wow, what an idea!  She invited me to come over the next day to taste her creation, which I did. Each piece of organic dark chocolate was rolled in fresh coconut flakes, and was packed full of ground seeds, nuts, maca, goji berries, and other “superfoods.” What a treat! So healthy and full of power and energy. She gave me her basic recipe- and yesterday back at home I had the best time experimenting with all the ingredients. My daughter Joy and I had so much fun making chocolate in different shapes, and we posted photos along with our recipe. Today, on Valentine’s Day, we are sharing our creations with our sweethearts and our friends.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!