There is so much happening  these days in the world of Starlight Orchestras, Valrock Music, and Vitamin V that I wanted to publish a quick “what’s new.”

1. We are off to Dallas to perform at the opening Superbowl Party given by Jerry Jones (Dallas Cowboys) for all the NFL Owners and  friends and families. We are so excited to present “The Starlight Experience” at Arlington Stadium, with our incredible lineup of amazing performers and our varied and exciting repertoire.  If I had to briefly describe this ensemble, I would say “Earth, Wind and Fire meets Beyonce meets Black Eyed Peas meets the the Supremes.”  With a little Aerosmith thrown in.  Something like that.

2. We are currently producing a 30 piece orchestra to accompany  a surprise artist at a private event next month in Manhattan.  This is an exciting project as it stretches the boundaries of what are known for, and adds another level of variety to the music we perform.

3. Starlight bandleaders Sarah Scott and Rebecca Blake are singing and doing individual touring dates with headliners Chromeo and Gary Sinese, respectively.  This is another level of the variety we have all been enjoying, and we are very proud of our bandleaders.

4.  As “Valerie Romanoff and the Vitamin V Band,” I am about to release a new original song called “Lets Choose Love”  which you can sneak preview at

5. Another of my original songs “Rachel’s Knoll” has been chosen to be in a feature film entitled “Sedona The Motion Picture.”   The movie will preview at the Sedona Film festival next month. I will update information as I receive it.

6. I am putting finishing touches on a wonderful new project; music to accompany a book of poetry and guided meditations written by my dear friend, 92 year old Yoga master Tao Porchon-Lynch called Reflections: The Yogic Journey of Life. In addition to scoring music for her words, I have included an 18 minute instrumental piece of music designed specifically  to accompany Yoga asanas.  I will be uploading this music to the Valrock Music website next week. My friend Tom Rossi is in the studio right now mastering the tracks, while I work on uploading new music to our various websites.

7. Our video editors are in their studios working with recent footage from events that our Starlight Orchestras have performed at. Hopefully we will soon have new clips that show off the hot new material we are offering.

8.  Starlight has always enjoyed a reputation of presenting top notch live entertainment, and we stay at the top of our game by  continuing to evolve, expand and introduce new ideas. There is always something new at Starlight, and this is a time of year where we develop talent and fresh concepts for our upcoming event season.

It is funny to me how some people have a misconception that Starlight is too hot, too energetic, too contemporary, too big.  Other people have an opposite misconception that Starlight is too conservative, old school.  And in there lies the truth. We are all of that, and we customize based on the party and the vision of our clients.

9. Lastly, Starlight was scheduled to perform at B.B. Kings for a blow-out “Starlight Experience Dance Party” this coming March, but due to our upcoming travel event schedule, we will be postponing this gig for a date to be determined.

So far this year of 2011 has a ton of energy; and there are many projects and new associations to dig into!

Thank for reading, and please feel free to leave a comment, let me know what you might want to hear us blog about.