Oh how we love these wonderful letters that convey appreciation and acknowledgement from our clients.  How is it that each week is better than the next? In the words of Heather Small, yes I am proud!

The wedding was at Capitale on the lower east side of New York City. A grand yet charming venue, the polar opposite of a Manhattan hotel ballroom.  Our bride wanted something very different for her wedding ceremony, she said she wanted a whole group of acoustic guitars. She didn’t know exactly what music she wanted, so I asked if I could surprise her, and she was more than happy to leave the repertoire selection us. This was the first time I played my original music for a wedding ceremony, and it sure went beautifully. We had three acoustic guitars, flute and keyboard. The flutist played clarinet during the bride’s request of “Sunrise, Sunset” in honor of her grandfather.  For the pre-ceremony music we played some Beatles, some Alison Krause and some original jams. The music for the processional was “Prelude and Beyond” from my “Healing Music” CD.

Throughout the rest of the night we mixed up the music, mostly concentrating on uptempo and contemporary selections. Many of the guests were in their twenties, and the dance-floor was packed all night long. One of the interesting challenges about providing music for wedding receptions is how to engage all the different people at the same time. There are guests of all ages and tastes, and our goal is to have everyone up on the dance-floor  partying together. I could probably write an entire book on how we do it, what goes into the choices we make, how spontaneous and instantaneous the decisions need to be. It is about party flow, understanding and working with group energy, intuition, and using music as a tool. Either which way, the night was amazing our bride and groom and their families were thrilled.  Here are their comments on Sunday, the day after…

From: mother of the bride

Sent: Sunday, December 19, 2010 1:52 PM

To: Lauren Goldman (Lauren does the sales at Starlight)

Subject: thank you

Dear Lauren,

We are still in awe and on a high because we had the best band in the world- Starlight! All of you made the night be magical and absolutely perfect, and we thank you so much for making Lauren and Adam’s wedding AMAZING! Please let everyone know that each and everyone of the performers were outstanding.

All the best,

Vivian and Yuval


(and from the bride!!!)

Dear Valerie and Rebecca,

I am so grateful for you both and the entire band!  Thank you for making our wedding so unbelievable!  I can’t even put into words how the band really made the night!  Thank you for everything!  I hope that you were able to enjoy the evening too.  Everyone in the band is so extremely talented, I was in awe the whole night!  I am looking forward to seeing you guys again at future weddings and getting to enjoy your unbelievable ability to make a night so special and perfect!

I’m sorry I don’t have the right words to express our gratitude, I am so happy and thankful!  Thank you for everything, from start to finish, from when I first met Sarah, to speaking with you on the phone last month, to all of your advice and thoughtfulness, and honesty, to the most incredible night ever!!!!!  Thank you so much!!  I am honestly going to miss talking to you both!