I always marvel at how perception shifts, depending on the direction that we are looking.  In retrospect everything seems to make sense. While we are going through the daily challenges in our lives, we often cannot see the perfect solutions that life has in store, and instead we see the obstacles that we must navigate through.  At the other end, we look back and understand how one step led to the next, creating the mosaic that becomes our incredible lives.  Sometimes it is fun to think of the people I am closest with, and remember back to a time when I barely knew them. It is exiting to look around at all of the budding possibilities and not know which one might become our next profound project.  Life is mysterious and exciting, and I am learning to keep my focus on all of the positive and amazing things that can happen. I am so grateful for the incredible experiences this year brought and for all the wonderful people I have met and reconnected with. It is with optimism, gratitude and eager anticipation that I close out 2010 and wish everyone a Happy New Year!