Valerie Romanoff in Sedona, Arizona

I am sitting here pondering Thanksgiving and what it means to me. I find inspiration and joy in thinking about what I am grateful for. As I make a mental list of my blessings and things I am thankful for, it actually activates the feelings of joy and I relive the postive emotions. For example, after every performance or event, I am so filled with gratitude for the people, opportunities and partners that helped make it happen. So this Thanksgiving, I start by being grateful to all of my bandmates for the amazing music we make and the exuberance we create. I will always be in awe of every single person who graces the stage with me, and my heart overflows with love as I think about them. I am also overwhelmed with gratitide when I think about the inner team at Starlight, the passion and vision each person brings. We are always striving to outdo ourselves, to up the ante and create something even more special. It is a privilege to work alongside such like minded people.

I have also been feeling grateful recently for the new relationships (and the strengthening of existing ones) within my industry. This fall has been a time of cultivating connections with some very special people, and has brought a new excitement to all of the possibilities!

I give gratitude every day for being able to live and work in the world of music; be it live music for parties, recording original material, or producing “Transformational Music” concerts.

I am eternally grateful for the mystery of life, and for the fact that we never know what surprises and opportunities are coming our way. And at Thanksgiving more than ever, I am immensely grateful for my friends and for my family, and for the wonderful times we share together.

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