When people ask what type of music Starlight specializes in, I always say that we are known for playing a variety of musical styles really really well. ¬†Crossing genres authentically is one of the reasons we have been so successful in many different markets, and are favored by guest lists of all ages. We appeal to the brides and grooms and their friends, and at the same time, are the preferred music provider of the parents. One evening we might be in Palm Beach performing for a Heart Association Gala of eight-hundred 70 and 80 year old guests. ¬†The next night we could be playing a holiday event for one thousand of Google’s 20-30 year old employees. And everyone has fun, everyone parties, everyone gets swept up in the atmosphere of celebration that we helped create, whether the song of the night is by Tommy Dorsey or by the Black Eyed Peas! People wonder how one band can excel at so many styles. It takes time, careful organization and planning, resources for finding and training the talent, the right equipment and technology, and most of all having the right number of people needed to authentically reproduce the styles being covered. Plus, I believe that it takes loving what you do! When you adore your work, everything presents that much better!