“Engage” is an educational and networking event for professionals in the Luxury Wedding Business, run by Rebecca Grinnals and Kathyrn Arce of Engaging Concepts. The recent summit was at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach.  Everyone has been inspired and uplifted by the three days of meeting and learning from the “Who’s Who” of private events.  Here is my top ten list, and below are links to other recaps.
10 Seeing Jeff Fowler, Kim Bychon, Joan Bever, Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce always wearing fabulous coordinated outfits in the color scheme of the event; lime green and hot pink!
9 The designer food! Having an individual raw bar on your own personal ice sculpture, complete with caviar over crème fraiche in a gold-dusted abalone egg shell.  The biggest, most beautiful and scrumptious ice-cream sundae in giant martini glasses, surrounded by dark chocolate fluted cups of different toppings, and waiters dripping hot fudge and caramel sauce over the whipped cream! My My!
8 Best takeaway; when asked how he got the Clinton wedding, Bryan Rafanelli merely said, “I asked.”  Priceless!
7 When people said “egos checked at the door,” it was really true.
6 Having the industry “rock stars” as well as the newcomers.
5 The many opportunties for getting to know people in small, intimate groupings.
4 The personal advice from Todd Fiscus on how music providers (me!) can present ourselves better.  And the many hours of fun and lots laughs with Marcy Blum.
3 David Beahm included my “Healing Music CD” as a resource in his popular lecture about positive energy and relaxation.
2 Being in the cameraderie of so many people in one setting that live the same crazy life as I do. As Mindy Weiss remarked,  we all must have the same gene that makes us want to devote our lives to this industry and make people happy.
1 The best part: the COLLABORATION.  Seeing “competitors” with their heads together, collaborating on ideas and even projects. How inspiring is THIS!

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