The Starlight Theatre in Kansas City! I had never heard of this place until today.  I was checking my Web Analytics and saw that if you “Google”  a certain theatrical production in Kansas City, you find your way to my Starlight Experience website instead.  I decided to check it out, and found that there is a beautiful building for concerts as well as Broadway-style shows with the same as name as mine! The theatre was originally built in 1925 when the Queen of Rumania came to Kansas City, and the KC Federation of Music organized a showcase of local talent for the Queen that was also open to the public. The theatre was built and rebuilt over the years, with a large donation from Jerry Lewis in 1958. Today it houses such productions as “The Producers” and “Dream Girls” and concerts by Earth, Wind and Fire, Jackson Brown, Bob Dylan, and Pat Benatar this summer alone!  Of course I had an immediate wild fantasy of  doing a “Starlight on Starlight” evening; bringing my Starlight Experience to do a concert there, as well as to perform a set by my original band “Vitamin V!”  While I am on my fantasy, I will say that the flip side to performing the uptempo rockin dance music that Starlight does, is the “Transformational Experiential” music that I do as “Vitamin V.”   Well, this invites a brief explanation and look into my concept of “experiential  (or transformational) music.” So….. scroll up for the next blog post , where I talk about “Transformational Music.”  And meanwhile, if you’re ever in Kansas City, see a show at the Starlight Theatre.