When most people think of Starlight Orchestras they think huge bands with a big price tag.  Most people don’t realize that Starlight has a wide range of bands and styles and sizes and prices.


Without publishing prices on-line  (we prefer that you speak to one of our experienced salespeople directly so that we can give you a customized quote for your event), I can say that there is certainly a misconception that Starlight only has big orchestras that do big productions and are mucho expensive.

Here’s the truth: we certainly DO have the biggest, best, most fabulous ensembles available for private party entertainment.  We have earned a well deserved reputation for being the obvious “go-to” folks when you want the very best.

The part people don’t always remember is that we have a full roster of bands in different sizes and prices. From jazz trios, classical groups,  small combos,  specialty acts like Brazilian, Caribbean, World Music, to the Star City Bands at 5-6 pieces, to the Starlight Orchestras that start at 9 pieces, all the way to the larger 15 piece ensembles that we are known for. Not to mention the world reknowned Starlight Experience.

And it is ALL GOOD! Starlight’s quality speaks for itself, having been proven time and again over the past 15+ years.  I would even say that the name “STARLIGHT” has become synonomous with “EXCELLENCE.”  I am so very proud of this.

During this time of economic uncertainty, the team at Starlight  has periodically evaluated, re-evaluated, and made adjustments to our fee structure;  even reducing prices, offering special packages, and adding smaller options. We were featured in New York Magazine-Weddings for offering a “Ridiculously Good Band,” for a ridiculously fair price!

So please DO CALL, do pass the word, and remember that Starlight has musical offerings in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and PRICES!