I was called upon to write a mission statement of Starlight Orchestras. I enjoyed a moment of delving into the spirit and essence behind what we do here, and got very excited to share these thoughts. I got on a major roll, and kept rolling.  Although it was too long for a “tweet,”  it was just perfect to put forth as an article.  Very often people don’t realize the large scope behind what  we do, and think it is just about being a “good band.”  The band is just the first part of it.  The magic then becomes about how we USE this wonderful band to create moods, weave contrast, orchestrate an evening.

So here is a peak behind the scenes about what motivates us and what we are always working toward…


To create excitement and celebration using music and live performance.

To knock your socks off!

To continue setting the standard for excellence and integrity in private party entertainment.

To weave a variety of musical environments throughout the course of an event; from the romance to the chic styling to the blowout party!

To uplift using music and performance.

To participate in bringing people’s dreams to reality.

To be an integral part of your happiest times.

To offer a musical work environment that musicians and performers are proud to be a part of.

To find new talent and put forth new ideas.

To spread and share love.

To do something better than it has been done before.

To continue to pose the question, “How Much Better Can This Be?” and then to go for it, against all odds!

To be on the Leading Edge of creating wonder.

To use music to heal, transcend and transform. (more on this another time!)

To exceed everyone’s expectations time and again.

To perform for people who know the difference.

To create a life opportunity where bandleaders can realize their potential as leaders, creative directors, students of human nature, musical mix-masters, intuitive artists creating music-in-motion that is ever-changing, ever-evolving.

And, lastly, to do our part in creating magical events.

We are so very grateful to our clients, musicians and performers who make it possible to continually achieve these goals, and to have the best time doing it!