On Monday mornings I am often overcome with gratitude for all of the good things that have happened, for all of the talented and wonderful people who surround me, and for the many gifts that find their way to my doorstep.  There are certain people that always make my “mental thank you list” list (I call them the “V.I.Peeps”) and then there are the “MVPs” from the most recent occurences.

This is the first such list that I am posting, and it would take too long to write everyone and everything here.  But I will highlight a few outstanding entries.

1. I want to thank my clients; for trusting me, for having the vision to do something extraordinary, to go the extra mile and “nudge” the boundaries of what is usual and customary. For choosing Starlight to be such an integral part of their important celebrations and most meaningful times.

2. The creative team and support staff at Starlight Orchestras is a unit that is precise and excellent. If you have read any number of my articles, you will see that I write about my team all the time. I am always raving about the individuals who make it all happen! The bandleaders, producers and technical staff;  the creative team  (they do the casting, training, choreography, styling, arranging, designing etc.); the sales team; and  the administrators of the company. So much goes into both creating this amazing product as well as taking care of our clients throughout the process.

3. The performers and musicians that find their way to Starlight  are a very unique group; they are each at the top of their field, are highly sought after and have accomplished the most impressive goals. They each bring the valuable  combination of talent, skill, charisma and positive energy.  Although each person has a completely different style and set of gifts, our common goal is to uplift using music, and to create something better than before. They are all my heroes!

3. For my ability to know that this is more than just music; it’s an opportunity to bring  joy and  love, and to underscore the modulating moods of life.   We use music as a “conduit” to reach, affect and maybe even transform the lives of people who are there with us. The outcome is a magnificent group experience that is created and shared by us all.

I Thank You.