Some decisions are hard to make; you think of every angle, weigh the pros and cons, ask everyone you know, throw the I-Ching, wait for a sign. And some decisions just jump out at you, plain as day, clear as a bell, like a neat little gift from the universe.
I love then that happens!
Last weekend a young couple attended a New York wedding where one of our Starlight Orchestras was playing. They had just gotten engaged a few days before, and are about to start planning their wedding. They absolutely flipped out over the band! Halfway through the evening they called her parents on the phone and said, “We found the band that we want to play at our wedding. It is the Starlight Orchestra.” Her father said, “You are not going to believe this! We went to a party in 1999 and the band was so great, I have been saving their card all these years for when you get married. It is the same company, Starlight Orchestras!”
The next day, the bride’s mother called our office and told us this great story. She said it they all felt it was “a sign,” we are the company they wanted to provide the music for their wedding. She wanted to make sure to reserve the band before they went on summer vacation, so they booked us over the phone, and when they get back will begin looking for a venue. We recommended a few of our favorite places in Manhattan, and now the fun begins.
It is so interesting to see the process unfold, and so wonderful when things are just “meant to be.”