With all of the details, customization and care we take in preparing for each and every performance, there is nothing better than watching the evening unfold, and seeing a dance floor packed full of happy people. The next best thing is when we hear from our clients after the big night. Here are some very gratifying letters from Sarah’s recent clients…

From the Groom, May 15, 2010

Hey Sarah- Just wanted to thank you again for being so awesome at our wedding. Cant tell you the number of people that came up to us and told us that the band was just amazing. Thought you guys and goldie rapping also was just so great. Told you that my short, white, jewish friend could actually rap. Anyway, I will forever recommend you to anyone I speak to as the best wedding band out there. I know jaimee feels the same. Thanks again.

From the Father of the Groom, May 30th, 2010

We are finally getting back to some semblance of normality (whatever that is), and so I am trying to catch up on my work while continuing to recapture the magic of Rachel and Josh’s wedding each day. It was a fabulous event and you and your orchestra were a very significant reason that it was. Your sound, energy and attention to every detail of your performance were remarkable and created an ambience of fun and excitement that is difficult to articulate…except to say that you were simply remarkable. We enjoyed every minute of the evening and have heard from friends and family alike that it was a wedding that will for each of them be memorable. Please feel free to provide our names as references and if you wish to utilize any of our film promotionally, I am sure that we will do everything possible to accommodate you. Thanks . With best wishes for your continued health and success,

From our Bride on June 5, 2010

Sarah: HOLY CRAP — you KICK ASSSSSSSSSSS. Every single person we spoke to was like “THE BAND IS AMAZING”. You totally captured what we were looking for. And, YOU LET ME BE IN THE BAND!!!! I am so quitting my job and becoming the new Pat Benatar because of you. Ian is supportive of this idea! Excellent!!!! Thank you soooooooooooooo much for totally transforming that night into the best party ever.