Today I randomly found my way to the blog  of someone in a friend-of-a friend’s network. The title caught my eye, so I clicked on the link and was delighted to find a most wonderful article written about giving gratitude.  I had just recently written a blog post called “Giving Gratitude for Tonight’s Performance,” and the concept was on my mind. I was inspired to leave a rather long “response” to Michele Mattia’s  article called Opening Doors by Giving & Receiving Gratitude, which I copied and pasted below.

“What a beautiful article and an important message… I have found that giving gratitude, both outwardly and also in a private personal way, is not only a great practice, but also helps to create MORE of what we are grateful for.  I believe that the more we think about what we are happy with and thankful for, the more we attract that to ourselves. Sometimes when I am in between sleep and wakefulness, I lie with my eyes closed and put my attention on what I am grateful for. Kind of  like a mental “thank you list.” As I think of each thing, it creates a new sense of joy, a burst of “goodness.” It is like reliving what feels good. I find that this is a wonderful meditation.  When I get up, I will often reach out to the  people who came to my mind, and share the gratitude that came up for me.

What a way to start the day. It is like remembering the best of yesterday, and using it as a platform to build upon on this new day.

Thanks again for the great words. I am glad I just happened upon Twitter this afternoon and saw the link to your blog post.”