As I sat down this morning to write what I wanted to accomplish and create for myself, I was taken with how trivial some of these things seemed once I put them on paper. Of course I need to tend to these details of business and life, like finding the right office space for my company to thrive in,  finding the resources to create new promotional tools and other things like that. I have taken the suggestion of Esther Hicks, as she speaks about “the Law of Attraction” and the practice of making two columns on a piece of paper, one called “Me To Take Care Of,” and the other “Universe to Take Care Of.” On the “me” side, I write everything that I need to do, and on the other side, I write all of the things that I would like to manifest, to unfold, to set forth my intentions and then let Life do its magic. With this practice, I try to be as specific as possible, yet to also leave room for possibilities that I cannot even imagine, and the belief that anything is possible.  It has been said that “the universe recreates itself according to your picture of reality.” With that said, it is important to focus on positive things, on the dreams of how great life can be, and use that as a guiding image. It is definitely an exercise in positive thinking! So this morning as I wrote in my “universe column,” I was stuck how simple and small were the things I was asking for.  As often winds up happening in this practice, I switch gears and begin writing how I want to feel in my life (happy, peaceful, exuberant) and the more abstract manifestations like joy, love, creative fulfillment and abundance.  Not to mention lots of CD sales* and lots of great performances to play**!


*In case you are new to the world of Vitamin V and don’t know about my new CD, I have recently released “Healing Music for Massage, Meditation and Transformation.”  Visit my Facebook page to read comments about the CD

** In case you are new to the world of Starlight Orchestras, I produce and perform with a 15+-piece dance band called “The Starlight Experience.