Some letters move us to tears! These clients  knocked our socks off by the way that they “got” what we do, by recognizing the heart and soul and invisible artistry that goes into making each party a smashing success.  Read on!


We never dreamed how thankless your job is.  Lalyn and I have been receiving letters, e-mails and text messages RAVING about the party, which, of course, we accept unabashedly.  However, both Lalyn and I understand, deep in the darkest recesses of our minds, that YOU AND THE STARLIGHT ORCHESTRA rocked everyone’s world Saturday and we are merely the happy recipients of the glory.  Below are just a few of the comments we have heard:

Anya – “Most parties are like a soap bubble.  ‘Pop’ and they are gone.  But this one, with all its joy, will live forever.”

Liz – “I think that there’s an alchemical reaction that happens occasionally at the tennis house at night: really fun people + plentiful drinks + amazing music + the right lighting = pure gold.  It was chic, rocking with energy, and so freakin’ fun…”

Dorothy – “Best ever!!  Band was incredible – desserts were great – your dress was fab and Norman doesn’t look a day over forty (had to keep that in)”

RJ – “I have one word for you guys!  EPIC!”

And the hits just keep on coming.  Lalyn and I cannot thank you enough for the professionalism, enthusiasm and raw energy you and your fellow band members brought to the party.  My God, we haven’t seen that many old, white WASPS rocking that hard…well…ever!

Thank you for making our 50th birthday such a memorable occasion on so many levels.  We hope that we can find a way to rock with Rebecca Blake and the Starlight Orchestra time and again.