What’s amazing is after all these years, the Starlight Orchestra just keeps getting better and better! Hard to believe but it is true. I am so grateful to all of the talented people who perform and produce with me. It is such an incredible honor and privilege, especially after nights like tonight!  The way we incorporate new material, the way we cover the special requests for each event, customize the evening to sync with our clients’ vision, the way we train ourselves to manage the flow and timing, especially as things change midstream and the unexpected  happens. We can always be counted on to know what to do and make the right choices for the party.

Tonight I am just blown away by the level of talent that finds its way to us. When all of our bands are working, we manage somehow to have “A-team” performers everywhere. It’s like a gourmet chef finding the most obscure  yet perfect ingredients that make a recipe sing out ! I was especially impressed, as I always am at the wedding ceremonies, where the Starlight Custom Ensemble (under the direction of Claudia Wigent)  performed a contemporary repertoire of songs by Phish, U-2, Coldplay, and favorites by the Beatles, Tom Petty and Guns and Rose, in addition to the classical chamber music standards! Nothing is impossible. When you have the talent, you can do anything.

I guess that is really my point tonight, as I look back on this absolutely fabulous evening; the talent plus the organization can make something truly incredible.

I also want to just add a little mention of something very exciting to me. Late in the evening during the event, I slipped one of my original songs into the set, and I did our reggae song, “Let’s Choose Love.” The guests didn’t know the song, of course, but  I should say that they didn’t know that they didn’t know the song!  EVERYBODY danced and sang along, as if the song were on the radio!  OK, so it is a catchy hook! And I must say, it was so very inspiring. (the song will be released soon, and available on the website of our original music, www.valrockmusic.com. I will make sure to post about it!)

Thanks to Meryl and Jeff Schwartz who had us back for their second child’s wedding, and thanks to Sarah Scott who runs the whole show with me. And thanks to everyone in the organization; the musicians, performers, administrative staff, and technical crew of Starlight Orchestras!

Looking forward to next week.