In a few hours I will be on my way to the Hotel Pierre to perform with my band at a high profile Charity Gala. Evenings like these are part of what makes New York such a great city; men and women dressed in black tie and fabulous gowns coming out in support of worthy causes, donating to find cures, honoring philanthropic individuals, and in many ways showing that life goes on even when things are the toughest.

Tonight we are raising money to support research for Alzheimer’s Disease, a cause that is close to many hearts. It is quite an honor and a privilege for Starlight to be chosen to entertain at events such as these. Many years ago when I was starting out, the big society bands presided at most of these events; the Peter Duchins, the Lester Lanins, among others.  I very much wanted to become one of the sought after orchestras where I could create an environment which would complement the dignity of the evening while bringing a modern and fresh approach with music to inspire and uplift. (My theme of life: Music to Inspire and Uplift!”).

And here I am years later having performed for literally hundreds of charity balls all over the country, still finding a thrill in creating a musical program (AND ENSEMBLE!)  which will surprise, delight and inspire the guests. My team and I spend countless hours innovating new ideas, researching new material as well as reworking the classic favorites in unique ways. Tonight we are excited to present some new performers, add some original musical arrangements, and construct the stage in  way that we have never done before. We are grateful for yet another opportunity to share and spread music, and all of the positive feelings that go along with it.

Thanks to Sarah, Rebecca, Laurell, Lauren, Maria, Susan, Charles and Dennis for all the work that is going into all of our events this month!