Readying for Spring at Starlight Orchestas!

The same way we prepare our homes, gardens, (and wardrobes!) for the new spring season, the team at Starlight has been readying ourselves for our upcoming shows. The casting department has been holding auditions and callbacks, and a select few have been invited for pre-training and blocking sessions. Just think “American Idol,” because it is quite similar, except for the crowds lining up around the block all night!

The preparation and pre-screening for our auditions is quite extensive; we go over each and every resume, head shot, song list and list of qualifications.  Our creative team is our panel of judges, and we go through songs, vocal styles, dance moves,  and sometimes extensive choreography to find out what everyone is all about and what they might bring to the eclectic mix of talent that Starlight is known for.  By the end of that week, we have new groups of performers to train and work with. It is so exciting to meet new musicians and entertainers and learn what they can do, and it is especially rewarding to be able to offer work opportunities in a field where we get to do what we love.

Each new season we also modify our repertoire and add new material, both old and new. We are always researching the latest trends in music as well as fashion, and we strive for a fresh new look and sound wherever possible.

We have just returned to our offices down in the Meat Packing district after a few months spend in midtown during a renovation in our building. It is wonderful to be back, we are one block away from the Highline and the new park dedicated to horticulture and urban design. There are so many wonderful restaurants, clubs and shops in our neighborhood that you can find any one of us strolling around the nearby streets when we are not upstairs working!