Valrock Music Presents: The Debut of Valerie Romanoff and Vitamin V, and the Release of the New CD, “Healing Music for Massage, Meditation and Transformation”

Valerie Romanoff and Vitamin V in Sedona

Valerie Romanoff and Vitamin V in Sedona

David T- Vitamin V
March 15th, 2010 at 5:58 pm ·
Hi Val,

It’s been a week now and i’ve been sitting here reflecting on the great week/weekend that it was in Sedona and wondering how do i say thank you.


Thanks for coming to Quito’s that friday nite in January and playing with us on stage …..
Thanks for writing/calling back………..
Thanks for having the trust and faith in me/us………
Thanks for assembling a great group of musicians for whom i am still greatful that i got to play with…………………
Thanks for being so determined and driven and cool under pressure…………….
Thanks for great laughs, food, lodgings, surroundings…………………..
And i can’t say it enough………………..THANKS VAL for just being Valerie!!!!!!

I had the greatest time in Sedona with all of us. All of the people that i met are great and i do hope that all of you that haven’t been here(BVI) get a chance to visit some day….concert on Tortola?! I do hope that we get to do Vitamin V again and soon. God bless all of you and do keep in touch.
Check out my website will be posting more photos here in the coming weeks. Please sign the guestbook
So to my new family peace and blessing!!! Love you all…miss you lots….big ups!!!!
David out!!

Dear David,
Thank you so much for this beautiful letter. On one hand I wonder if I am posting too much about our Sedona show and the most magical weekend, yet on the other hand I can not find a way to fully express my joy and gratitude for such a remarkable experience. So I keep trying. I have entertained at and produced many amazing shows over the past years with incredible ensembles, yet this was the first time I performed my original music, and the first time I presented myself as the featured artist. You and the other musicians made my “coming out show” so special, so smooth, so musical, so exciting. Because we performed both the Vitamin V material (uptempo and funky) as well as the transformational music (mellow and exotic), everyone was called upon to bring much variety and sensitivity. Because we incorporated contemporary technology (computer generated tracks), everyone was called upon to work in ways that they might not all have been accustomed to. Your and everyone’s willingness to stretch and adapt and infuse new ideas is part of what made the show so successful. As usual, I was working with a very varied repertoire. At Starlight, I have built my career on presenting a wide variety of musical styles to appeal to many different people simultaneously. With my original material, the one common thread is that the music be uplifting, so once again there is a wide variety of styles. You and all of the musicians I have the honor to work with make this easy and fun.
This concert, although in a small venue, was monumental in terms of bringing together a lifetime of seemingly opposite interests; dance music vs meditation music, spiritual trek vs business ownership, New York City scene vs sacred mountain retreat, outward life vs inner life, on and on.
It will be so very interesting to see what unfolds as we continue on.
Thank you again to you and to everyone involved for bringing it!
With Love,