I have just made arrangements to throw my CD Release Party and Show in Sedona, Arizona on Saturday March 6th at Studio Live, home of the Sedona Performer’s Guild.  This is incredibly exciting, as I’ve been enjoying Sedona for many years, having many friends and being involved in the New Age community, yet this is the first time I am presenting my music here. The original idea was to introduce the music of my new CD, “Healing Music for Massage, Meditation and Transformation,” and this has now developed into a full performance with two different sets. The first set is the music from my CD being performed in a variety of mediums using a live band along with poetry, yoga, and sound healing  instruments (such as crystal singing bowl, Tibetan bells etc.)  The second set will be more of a rockin’ concert of up-tempo, fun and uplifting songs performed by me with my band, Vitamin V.

I am blessed to have an amazing array of musicians to join me. My friends Tom Rossi and Tony Aiello (both featured on my album) will be coming from New York with me to perform. Between the two of them, they play guitars, bass, African drums, bansuri flute, silver flute, soprano sax, kalimba, and both sing.  We will be joined by infamous Sedona musicians such as Mariani Islands bamboo flutist, Jesse Kalu, Annette Kearl, and the virtuoso Anthony Mazzella on guitar, among others.  Knock-your-socks-off drummer David Thomas will be coming all the way from Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, and my dear friend Tao Porchon-Lynch (91 year old Yoga Master) will be coming from New York to perform with us as well. Wow!

Sedona is an area known for Healing Arts and the pursuit of wellness and upliftment. One of my goals in coming to Sedona for this CD launch is for people involved in the worlds of healing, massage, spas, yoga, and other modalities to get acquainted with and use my music as a resource.

Friends are coming from all over the country, and the weekend promises to be very exciting!

Visit www.valrockmusic.com to order the CD!

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