I have always been a romantic and looked forward to Febuary, the Love month! Of course there is Valentine’s Day, with it’s deep red hearts and cupids and angels and chocolate covered strawberries, pink champagne and the big splurge; caviar on blinis. There are many special birthdays and anniversaries in my February, and I find myself sending cards, baking cakes,  buying gifts, and celebrating the entire month! Sounds fun. I am dedicating this month on my blog to Romance and Love, and will post accordingly. As a side note, I have been immersed lately in promoting my new CD, “Healing Music for Massage, Meditation and Transformation,” Healing Musicand am in the process of planning my CD Release Party & Show in Sedona, Arizona on March 6th.  Maybe you will come? Usually January is a quiet month, we have a little “down time” after the holidays. Not this year!  We brought in the New Year with a huge bang in Houston at Glenn Smith’s amazing party! Then I released the “Healing Music” CD.  In between writing new original music, I am planning the concert in Sedona. Not to mention some very exciting Starlight gigs that we are preparing for.  Lots of inspiring projects, and lots to be grateful for. Stay tuned for my “10 Most Romantic Songs” list coming soon! Happy February.