One of the best parts about my job is meeting and connecting with different people. Through the process of planning their events and being part of their most special days,  bonds and friendships form that are everlasting. I was spending a lot of time  planning the intricate details of a customized wedding ceremony one year with a very special client named June Hersh. Her daugher Ali (now Mrs. Dan London) would be getting married at Central Synagogue (one of the oldest synagogues in New York City) with the reception to follow at the New York Public Library.  At the time, we were each cooking and preparing for our  Passover Seders, and we enjoyed sharing our recipes and traditons with each other. Since that wonderful wedding three years ago, we have continued to connect at holiday time and share new recipes.

I have been so happy to see people enjoying (and cooking) the recipes I have been posting on this blog. Something about good food, friends, parties, music… They all go together in creating a joyful, rich life.

Please see the recipe above for  delicious Chanukah Potato Latkes and Cranberry-Raisin Applesauce from June Hersh. And stay tuned for more guest recipes!