It is early morning and I know I should sleep longer. Tonight’s party will last til the wee hours, but even in sleep, I am excited, my wheels are turning and I am preparing. Preparing to provide the musical elements for tonight’s wedding.

What do I need to do before I leave, what do I need to think about, how do I mentally prepare for the night ahead?

I re-read all of the notes I have taken during the months before the wedding, and then I look over the timeline for the event. I make sure that all of my papers and music lists are organized and ready to go. I send a quick email or text to the crew and wish them a good day and an easy set-up. Then I spend a little time musing about the evening, about possible song selections, arrangements or combinations that I haven’t thought of before, and open my mind to the ongoing creative process.

I pull out my guitar and spend a bit of time practicing, and then I warm up my voice as well.

A whole section of the day is devoted to hair and makeup, and the primping, prepping, and packing to be fully prepared (and “performance ready”) for the night ahead. (see my blog post on “What’s in the Bag?”)

There is a very special part of the day where I spend a few moments alone and quiet, clearing my mind of details and practicalities, and creating an empty space for new ideas to come. I set my intentions, which include opening to intuition and being able to tune into the guests at the party, and to sense what is needed at what precise moment. The goal is to keep things moving, flowing and always ascending. Sound is a powerful energy that has the ability to affect and inspire. I recognize that music can be used consciously to create emotion, to strengthen our desires, in addition to creating a festive backdrop for celebration and dancing.

There is a big responsibility ahead, and I happily accept the challenge. Once again, I am filled with gratitude for the music that is my life, and for the important role I get to play in people’s most meaningful celebrations.