I just have to say, I am blown away by all of the thank you calls and letters we have been receiving! It seems that the impact all of the Starlight Orchestras have been making on the wedding scene is unprecedented. Don’t get me wrong, we have always had a great company with an impressive history of outstanding bands over our 20+ years in the industry. Our entire concept has always been about raising the bar and exceeding expectations, and bringing a chic and fresh approach to music for weddings. While we have always been known and recognized for our high standards and our impeccable presentation, this year something is different. This year we have reached a new high, a new level of “even better.” Perhaps our answer to the struggling economy has not only been to add value and streamline the pricing, but to give people an “even better” reason to hire us, to be “even better” than ever before, to be more compelling than the other choices, and to really be worth it! I believe that the stakes have been higher lately; we haven seen some of our competitors go out of business, closing their doors after many years of service. We have seen the quality of some others start to diminish. We have noticed, in performances,  the places where others have “cut corners” in order to stay afloat in these troubling economic times.  At Starlight, we decided that we needed to be “even better” than ever, and that as a team we needed to find ways to “step it up” even more, especially now.  Our bandleaders, administrative team,  creative staff,  musicians, performers and  production crews have deepened our commitment to being outstanding, to caring, and to going the extra mile. We bring ideas to the early planning stages of an event,  consult on the timeline and flow of the evening, customize our repertoire, update and refresh our performance style, upgrade our equipment, grow with the trends of technology. We take pride in being responsible employers and listening to the needs of our  fellow vendors. We are standing at the cutting edge, ready to do whatever it takes to impress and uplift. Every week I am just blown away by the amount of letters, emails, calls and praise coming our way. I am so gratified by the recognition, and so deeply proud of my company and the caring staff that presides over our bands and the events we are a part of.

I was inspired to write this article after I read the letter below, which arrived on my desk this morning.  Another happy client!

December 12, 2009

Dear Valerie,

On November 14th, Starlight Orchestras created a dream come true. The wedding reception for our children Jessica and Joshua was everything they wanted plus more. The ceremony was elegant and classic with the custom quartet followed by the jazz duo that created the perfect ambiance during the cocktail hour. At the moment we entered the reception your band just blew any expectations we had out of the water. From the moment you began playing our guests entered onto the dance floor, and never wanted to leave, I know we had a great crowd, but your band just kept them going. The energy in the room was intoxicating and electrifying. I noticed that when they wanted to serve any of the courses, our guests were reluctant to leave the action to eat. For a Jewish wedding that is a surprise, since we love our food. It was mentioned to me that the dance floor should have been larger. That comment just proved to me that everyone was up and partying, not sitting around waiting for the next course. A friend of mine stated that I could have made the wedding in my backyard, and as long as we had you and your band it would still have been a fabulous wedding. Neil and I are truly grateful for your professionalism and talent. I never had any doubts that when we hired you our children’s wedding would be a great event. As I mentioned before, you exceeded anything we could have imagined.

Thank you so very much and I look forward to when my next daughter is ready to have Starlight share in our celebration once again.


Shelley Edelman