Before Mrs. Reuben began looking for a venue and selecting a date for her daughter’s wedding, she wanted to weigh the pros and cons of having a wedding planner. If she decided to have one, then the best time would be now so she could have that person’s input when choosing a location, which is one of the most important decisions. Mrs. Reuben decided not to hire a wedding planner, but rather to play that role herself, and to assemble a team of vendors that she felt would be able to guide her through all of her decisions. She already knew which band she wanted (us! Starlight!) and her daughter thought she wanted to get married at their country club in Westchester. She asked me to suggest some New York City venues as well, ones that would be good for her sized crowd, which would be about 275 guests.  I happily made some recommendations, and they went off looking. They came back to me and said they flipped over the Hotel Pierre, it was everything they were looking for; old world elegance, spacious, a beautiful room for the wedding ceremony, and a generously sized ballroom (with the perfect space for a band such as mine!). They chose a date that both the venue and the band were available, so now we were ready to execute a contract. Mrs. Reuben told me that she wanted me to do what I do best, and that she would take her cues from me regarding size of band and instrumentation. We agreed that I would provide a 7 piece ensemble for the ceremony (which includes music for guest arrivals, pre-ceremony, processional and recessional, cocktail hour. The group would consist of harp, 3 violins, upright bass, a woodwind player (who can double on sax, flute and clarinet) and oboe. The harpist could also play piano for parts of the wedding ceremony as well as the cocktail hour and we would have the mobility of the harp for the “arrival” portion and pre-ceremony music. For the dinner , she wanted the band that she had seen before, which was the Valerie Romanoff Starlight Orchestra at 16 pieces (9 musicians and 7 singers.)  Done!

With the band and the venue completed, she would continue assembling her team in the weeks ahead.  Stay tuned for “A Dreamy Wedding- Part 3”  coming soon.