I have been posting a series called “What’s in the (Bandleader’s ) Bag?” The totes we carry are enormous, and have anything and everything that we might need. In my case, a more interesting question is “What’s on my music stand?”
In the middle of the stage, I have what I call “my office.” It is a three tier conductor-style music stand that expands and expands, so I can organize my stuff into difference sections. You would be shocked at the details we carry in our minds, and the supporting paraphernalia that it takes to do our job right. So here goes…

On My Music Stand;

Paperwork- contract, timeline for evening, schedule of contact information, equipment list,  sheet music for special requests, song lists, cardboard index cards with song titles and “notes” to the band, inspirational quotes, notes to myself, notes from creative meetings with client.

Knick-Knacks- teeny digital clock attached with Velcro, Iphone, extra guitar picks, 3 sharpies, blank pad for writing notes and cues, lipstick and gloss, eyeliner, magnetic mirror (for touching up make-up), Luna bar, business cards, guitar capo, extra 9 volt batteries, ear buds for in-ear monitors,

Also in my bag-

Folders of all events going on this weekend, extra shoes, gig jewelry, band-aids, handi wipes, tissues, 5 colors of lip gloss, Bliss hand moisturizer, sugar free eucalyptus lozenges, travel kit of essential oils (lavender, grapefruit, ginger, heliocrism, bergamot), package of arnica (homeopathic remedy), Motrin, sunglasses, backup of all makeup, another blank notebook (I am way into notebooks), large collection of pens in every color, scotch tape, pouch of favorite stones and crystals, Amazon Kindle (in case I get momentarily bored), camera, phone charger, snacks for the crew, IPod, backup business cards, scarf, baseball cap and hair tie (in case it rains), mini umbrella, travel toothbrush, and a master list of what the other bandleaders are carrying!